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Konopiste was founded as a gothic fortress in style of French castels at the end of 13th century probably by the bishop Tobias from Benesov. The first interference with the medieval structure of the castle was made at the end of 15th century by Jiri from Sternberk and later at the beginning of 17th century by the House of Hodejovsky from Hodejov. The Vrtbas from Vrtba rebuilt it into a baroque residence in 18th century. The Duke Frantisek Ferdinand d’Este who bought the castle from the Lobkowitzs in 1887 rebuilt Konopiste into a magnificent residence of the future emperor. The rooms of the castle were furnished by the musuem collections which Frantisek Ferdinand inherited from the Duke of Modena.

 Throughout the history castle Konopiste was alway acknowledged as a n economical and cultural centre  of the town in the region.In the neighbourhood of the Konopiste domination there are many historical sights and areas of great natural beauty. Our aim is to intoduce you these places which are less than 50 kilometres from the capital city Prague. Then it is entirely up to you which one you choose for you visit.


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