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Few kilometers west of Benesov on the north hillside of the Chlum hill (506 meters above sea level) you can find the entrance into cave called Kaverna. Its origin is probably artificial (at least the major part) and obviously there were found ores during the craft development on the Konopiste shire, maybe a mining was carried out here. The cave is 10 meters deep, you can find a deep pool with a dark red water on its bottom. There are still many legends and rumours about its origin and history. It is said that at the times of hard war ages after the Bila Hora battle and during the rustic disorders it served as a hide. During the World War II, whole Chlum’s vicinity was occupied by SS and Wermacht as a parade ground. There were several theories what treasures or secret documents are hiden on the bottom of Kaverna. During late 90’s of the past century famous czech explorer Mr.Muzik did the exploration in the cave area, it is supposed that fruitlessly. It is said that the diver who explored Kaverna’s bottom once he debouched he said: „I don’t want to talk about it, but no-one in the world can make me dive there again“. After all it is strange that volcanic-rock hill Chlum which is without water has a pool with significant amount of darke red water inside. The colour probably comes from the metal oxides and the uran-rich rocks. Wasn’t the interest about the Kaverna during the occupation caused more likely by these uran-rich rocks needed for the development of so called „secret weapon“, which was expected to reverse the course of World War II?


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