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The town of Benesov


 A small settlement around the church of St. Nicholas was founded on granite hill called Karlov probably at the end of 11th century. This settlement bacame the foudation of the town of Benesov

The first holder of the domination was the House of Benesovic. They founded the castle Konopiste later rebuilt into the castle which now is one of the most popular historical sights in the Czech Republic. From 14th to 16th century was Benesov owned by the Sternberks. In this period grew the cultural and industrial importance of the town. A monumental minorit monastery was founded in Benesov in 14th century but unfortunatelly the monastery was nearly destroyed in the Husit Wars. At the end of 16th and beginng of 17th century the House of Hodejovky from Hodejov realized the renaissance recontruction of Konopiste. Benesov aws severely damaged in the Trirty Years Was and it took it almost hundred years to recover from the wartime damage. The piaristic grammar school and the baroque church of St Anna were founded at the end of 18th century by Prehorovsky from Kvasejovice and finished in 1717 by the Counts of Vrtba. Konopiste also went through some changes. Frantisek Ferdinand d’Este had the castle reconstructed in the romantic style and he became the founder of a large park (220ha). From the half of 19th century has Benesov been the seat og a political district and has become an important regional center for important transport routes. These days Benesov is a dynamicly growing centre of agriculture-industrial region with a rich basis for tourism a recreation and with many atractive place around it and clean enviroment.

Birds eye view of the square in Benesov
Gothic monastery
Husovo square
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Benesov u Prahy

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