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The ruins of a small castle Kozli


The first records of the castle are as old as 1318 when oi was own by Ctibor from Kozli  who also that year participated in disturbances in the country. Brothers Mares, Herman and Kunrat from Chvojno owned Kozli through the reign of Charles IV. From 1367-1378 they were also known to be the patrons of the church in Chvojenec. The next owner of Kozli was Petr from Petichvost who was known as a loyal supporter of the king and in 1404 he fought with the king against the Unity of Brothers. He died that year and his wife Anezka inherited the castle together with the field. The priest from Vadslavice and the nobility from Kozel were interested in the field and after a long dispute the priest from Vadslavice came with an offer of serving a mass in the name of deceased Petr and Anezka three times a year. Anezka then sold the castle to Benes Libensky from Dube who was  from 1414-1418 the patron Of the church in Chvojen.

Benes Libensky had two children educated by Mr Pecha. In his free time  started Mr Pecha to write manuscripts from Kozli. ( 1st manuscript in 1427, 2nd manuscript in 1434) Benes Libunsky was belonged to the royal troops and fought in 1434 in the battle Near Lipany and he also took part in conquering Ostrotec in 1435. His so Benes Libunsky from Dube sold the castle in 1461 to Zdenek from Sternberk, the owner of Konopiste.Since then there are two last record about Kozli in the years 1495 and 1500 but the castle is said to be deserted. 

Another 500m and you are on Kozli
The ruins of a small castle Kozli
Kozli - reconstruction

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