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Telephone hire - telephone and condition

Producer Nokia
Proportions 132x47x31
Weight 170
Emergency time 270
Speaking time 300
GSM zones 900
Battery NiMH 900mAh
Charger touring
Cargering (hrs) 4
Display 14/5 (graf.)
SIM card plug-in
SIM Lock yes
Color black-gray

Producer Siemens
Proportions 118x46x21
Weight 110
Emergency time 140
Speaking time 270
GSM zones 900/1800
Battery NiMH 500mAh
Charger touring
Cargering (hrs) 2,5
Display 22/3 (graf.)
SIM card plug-in
SIM Lock yes
Color blue

Producer Alcatel
Proportions 122x48x25
Weight 150
Emergency time 130
Speaking time 285
GSM zones 900/1800
Battery NiMH 650mAh
Charger mini stolní
Cargering (hrs) 1
Display 12/2
SIM card plug-in
SIM Lock yes
Color metal gray, blue

Motorola m3888 - is first-rate phone for wide range of clients. It offers graphic display, dual GSM 900/1800 MHz, it supports technology SIM Toolkit. For sale is exclusively in selling net Paegas, to the customers is provided in one colour (blue). Standard package consists: phone instrument, battery NiMH 700 mAh, travel charger and users manual.
Conditions for lending phones

Customer pays  500 cronws in advance. With returning the phone will be from the advancement deducted advance, the rest will be returned to the customer.
With lending twist set is the phone returned in original condition and with original credit or the difference is deducted from the advance.


End price of the phone to 6000 Kc 60 Kc / 1 day
End price of the phone over 6000 Kc 120 Kc / 1 day


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tel.: 317728808, fax : 317728529

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